1950s Retro Diner

Intricately detailed 1950s diner car, made completely of genuine Lego parts, It is approximately 7 1/2" wide, 3 1/2" deep and 4 1/2" tall. It comes completely assembled with many details throughout. The roof plates can remove easily to access inside.

The outside is classic red, grey and black with curved sides like a real diner car. The sign features a custom decal, and another custom decal is inside the restaurant, advertising "Bricka-Cola."

Inside, a black a white checkered floor and custom designed red diner booth add detail, along with the counter with three stools. A Yellow Jukebox is included up against one wall!
The kitchen has a stove, sink and counter area, along with a retro wall decor above with clock. All details shown inside are included!

The diner can be placed up against another building, and makes a perfect end of the block building for a non-corner modular like the Detective's Office, as shown in pictures.


Available by request

English Style Red Phone Booth

This classic red phone booth adds a Bitish style to your Lego layout! Perfect for modular or city displays, or an English train station. It is minifigure scale at approx. 3" tall, 1 1/4" deep by 1 1/4" wide.

Notice the paned windows and door, curved roof and the telephone decal at the top with little crown above it. Inside, a red phone receiver and phone dial decal add detail.

Some recent feedback on this item:
"Fast Shipment, Good packaging, A+A+A+Would buy from again"
"Love it! Thank you."
"Fast shipping! Great detail! Can't wait to see more of your items"


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Vending Machines

Professionally printed decals on gloss vinyl.

Approximately 1 1/4" wide x 2" tall x 1/2" deep, these are perfect minifigure size.
These come in a set of two - Pepsi and Coke, or a set of four - Pepsi, Coke, M&Ms and Dr. Pepper

$13.99 set of 3

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City Newsstand

This Lego Newsstand is hand created with the newspapers and postcards included are all GENUINE Lego printed tiles...some rare. Included are:
The Springfield Shopper, Angry Dad, The Lego News x 3, Mom Monthly, The Inquisitor, Lighthouse postcard, Lets Bee Friends postcard
(occasionally one of the postcards is changed for a comparable newspaper or postcard in diff design)
That's NINE newspaper tiles included!!! Also included are two cans of cola and a green apple. The City News sign is a decal custom printed on professional quality gloss vinyl decal material.
Measures approximately 4" tall, 4" long and 1 1/2" deep


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Halloween / Haunted House

Cemetery Gates/ Graves

Included in this cemetery set are the gates shown, opening to three gravestones. One gravestone has a bat figure and newly dug "soil" included. The second grave has a vine growing from it and a dark red urn with flower. The third small grave completes the set.
I show the Scooby Doo set because this is a perfect display for that! A perfect creepy cemetery for a backdrop to the Mystery Machine.

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Mausoleum / Graves

Included in this cemetery set are the custom designed mausoleum as shown...detailed with brick pattern on sides and "ivy" growing on side. A cross it on the top.

You also receive two small cross graves, a large grave detailed with flowers on each side, and a fourth grave in light and dary grey.


coming soon!

Halloween Tree

This custom tree is hand decorated will all Genuine Lego parts for Halloween. It is the perfect backdrop for your series 14 Monster minifigures, Haunted House, cemetery or Scooby Doo sets!

Created from pumpkin / jack-o-lanterns,  a skeleton head, a zombie head,  two spiders, two bats hanging upside down, and orange and purple decorative bricks. It measures approx. 4 -1/2" high and 5" wide!! Each tree is handmade so exact placement of details may differ slightly from photos.

The leaves are done in dark red, dark orange and dark green for a perfect fall look.


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Skeleton Horse-Drawn Hearse

This custom horse-drawn hearse is created in all Genuine Lego parts for. It is the perfect accessory for your series 14 Monster minifigures, Haunted House, cemetery or Scooby Doo sets!

The hearse contains a black coffin with vampire imprint. The skeleton horse is pulling the carriage and the front of the carriage has space to put a minifigure driver (not included). It was designed based on Victorian hearses, icluding the latern lights on each side and transparent "glass" on three sides to view the coffin within. The roof is done in glossy back lego tiles.


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